Betting On Roulette

The roulette is the most popular casino game because it does not require special knowledge and is accessible for players of all levels of education, all social classes and all ages. As the game is very exciting and offers great thrills and fluctuations in profits in a short time: You can become rich within a few minutes as you can lose your bankroll in seconds especially if you like the risk. The general rules of roulette are the same worldwide, but there are 6 different variations of the game.

It is the most famous by far the second variant of roulette and the one played in terrestrial and online casinos in Greece legally . The Roulette has 37 numbers (i.e. numbers 18 black, 18 red numbers and green 0). The rake (i.e. the advantage Banker) is quite low (about 2.7%) and this element makes it extremely popular. (See HERE rules for Roulette).

As you can understand from the name, the American roulette is very famous in American terrestrial casinos. On the internet is provided by a few companies that are licensed in the United States of America. This variant is very close to the European roulette, but has one major difference: 0 next to green up, added a green 00 (Respectively the wheel has added a green 00 directly across from the classic Green 0). Unfortunately this detail ejects the rake to 5.26% (twice the rake Roulette) and creates a big disadvantage for the players. Although significantly reduces the odds for players, remains extremely popular for US players.

Roulette varies considerably from European roulette played on legal online casinos in Greece. First color of felt is red instead of green in classic European and Roulette. Also the felt numbers have color, color only appears on the wheel. What makes separate French roulette are the rules and la portage en Prison. A thumbnail of European roulette: Instead of 36 numbers and 0 has 12 numbers and 0 Rarely will find the casino and especially the internet, but if you do not see the book: With 7.69% rake is advisable to stay away. Few casinos trying to push it introduced the rules and la portage en Prison . Still rake becomes half: 3.85%, much higher than 2.70 the classic European Roulette.

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